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Bishop John J Snyder High School is an academic institution devoted to educating students in a safe, compassionate, Catholic environment. Our curriculum prepares students for college while offering them challenging opportunities for enrichment.

Course Offerings:

Honors Courses:
English I-IV
Algebra I-II
Anatomy and Physiology
American History
World History
Government and Economics
Spanish III-IV
French III-IV

Advanced Placement:
English Literature and Composition
English Language and Composition
Calculus AB
US History
World History
American Government

World Languages:

Electives: (Additional electives may be added.)
Chorus I-IV
Band I-IV
Guitar I-II
Drawing and Painting I
Portfolio and Design I-II
Art 2D/3D
Computer Applications
Creative Writing
Team Sports I-II
Individual and Dual Sports I-II
Basic Weight Training
Intermediate Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training I-II
World Geography
Marine Science
Advanced Topics in Math                                                                                                                  

Graduation Credit Requirements:

Religion 4 credits
English 4 credits
Math 4 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Science 3 credits
World Languages 2 credits
Personal Fitness 1/2 credit + Physical Education 1/2 credit
Practical/Performing Art 1 credit
Electives 6 credits


Academic Policies

Grading Scale/GPA Calculation

The following grading scale applies to all classes.

grading scale


Computing Final Grades

 Bishop John J. Snyder High School computes grades on an annual system.  Total points are divided by the ten marks to determine the annual grade.

computing final grades


State Universities and the NCAA will recalculate a student’s GPA according to their own requirements .All Florida State Universities add one-half additional point per Honors and one additional point per AP course.


Academic Regulations 

Students must pass all courses attempted each year of high school.  Failure of a course(s) will necessitate summer school attendance (see Credit Shortage Policy on this page).

  • Eighth grade courses that are high school level may appear on transcripts for college admission and scholarship purposes, but do not earn academic credit toward a Bishop John J. Snyder High School diploma. 
  • A religion credit is required for each year enrolled at Bishop John J. Snyder High School.
  • Transfer students must have attempted a minimum of six credits per academic year.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on Academic Probation when their cumulative GPA drops below a 2.0. This can occur as early as the end of the first semester of their freshman year or as late as the second semester of their senior year. Any student who has been placed on Academic Probation will write an Academic Intervention Plan (AIP) with the input of their parent(s) and a Guidance Counselor. The plan will consist of a variety of measures specifically tailored to the individual student after an assessment of their academic needs. This plan may include, but is not limited to tutoring, regular meetings with teachers and/or counselors, and signs of improvement in their academic courses.
Bishop John J. Snyder High School students on Academic Probation must raise their cumulative GPA above a 2.0 and meet the expectations of the Academic Intervention Plan by the first day of the 12th grade.  Students who do not meet the GPA requirements, or those of the AIP, will be assessed to determine their potential graduation status and their continuance of enrollment at BJS.


Credit Shortage

credit shortage

Grade Forgiveness

Through this measure, students will be able to replace one grade in a core academic course if they received a D or an F. Core subjects include English, math, social science, world languages, science and religion courses. Electives will not be eligible. Please note the following stipulations:

  • Students must retake the same course or its equivalent.
  • The original grade will remain on the transcript, but it will not count towards the students GPA.
  • Students will need to attend summer school in order to satisfy credit requirements (retaking a course will leave a student one credit short of graduation requirements).
  • Transfer students may retake a course for which they received credit at another academic institution.
  • The course cannot be dropped once a student is enrolled.
  • Grades in the retaken course will be final.
  • Students may utilize this policy only once during their high school career.

Extra Credit/Bonus

Students may not receive extra credit or bonus points for any assignment. This includes grades whose total is over 100%, questions on tests/quizzes that may offer students additional points, ‘banked’ points to be used on future assignments, points offered for attendance at school events outside the scope of course responsibilities and any assignment that is given outside the course work to an individual to artificially raise their grade. 

Academic Assistance

Teachers are available before school at 7:40 a.m. and after school until 3:15 p.m. on an appointment basis for student help.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule an appointment with the teacher.


Summer School

Credits earned in summer school are for enrichment or to make up a credit shortage.  All summer school courses must be taken at Bishop John J. Snyder High School.  Specific requirements will be published prior to summer school registration.


Grade Reports/Online Progress Reports

BJS provides an online grade tracking system (refer to Edline.net).  Edline complements but does not substitute communication between students, parents and faculty about coursework.  For this reason, a progress report will not be distributed to students mid-way through each nine-week grading period.  Your child may print a report in our Media Center when necessary. 
Report cards are distributed to students approximately one week after the close of each quarter.  E-report cards are available on Edline at the end of each quarter.  Issue dates are found on the calendar on our web site.  It is the responsibility of the parents to ask for report cards from their child.  Please call the guidance office if you need another copy.  Failure letters will be mailed to parents after the final year end report card is issued.  

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade (“I”) will be given only when necessary due to illness or unusual circumstances. Upon receiving an incomplete grade the student is required to meet with the teacher and receive a schedule for completion of all missing work.  All work must be completed and a grade turned in to the office within fifteen (15) school days after the end of the grading period.  If the student fails to meet the required time schedule a failure (“F”) or failures will be recorded for the missing work.  An incomplete (“I”) will be calculated as an “F” for athletic eligibility.


Florida Virtual School Classes

Bishop John Snyder high School is proud to partner with the Florida Virtual School to offer courses in Latin and Chinese.  Enrollment in one of these courses should only be considered after careful consideration with a guidance counselor and the Dean of Academics.
It is strongly suggested that students not elect to take any of these courses during their senior year because of the difference in the time line for FLVS completion and Bishop John Snyder High School graduation.
Grades earned while enrolled in an FLVS course are the responsibility of the student and are reported by the FLVS instructor.  BJS will record the grade on report cards and transcripts and accept the credit earned.

Honor Roll

First Honors: No grade in an individual course lower than a 90
Second Honors: No grade in an individual course lower than an 80

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