Bishop John Snyder High School yearbook, The Cardinal, debut when we opened our doors in 2002. It has grown from a black and white 128 page book to what it is today, a full-color, 260 page professional publication. The Cardinal is produced by a group of students who enroll in the Journalism class and are willing to put in their time and talent beyond class production time.

The class is overseen by Mrs. Elizabeth Kerns, yearbook adviser, and consists of 10 – 20 students with editorial positions and support staff, such as reporters. The curriculum includes journalism, photography, graphic design, and business sales. Advertising and sales are conducted by the yearbook staff and we would greatly appreciate your business to support the funding of The Cardinal. Please refer to the following tabs regarding Yearbook Sales, Business Ads, Senior Ads, and Senior Quotes.

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Purchase your yearbook here: Go to “No customer number” and select Florida/ Jacksonville/ Bishop Snyder High School. Proceed to purchase your yearbook and/or senior ad from here.For more information please call (904) 771–1029 or email
Watch for this award winning publication to be distributed in the spring!

Cardinal Chronicles

The Cardinal Chronicles, the school paper for Bishop John J. Snyder High School, began in 2008, with the first issue being published in March 2009. It is headed by Mss. Kathryn Abbruzzese. The Cardinal Chronicles is run by the Graphics Design class, and it is free to students and staff. To keep the paper free, students sell ads to local businesses, learning about marketing and sales in the process.

The Cardinal Chronicles has won many awards throughout the years. The paper was awarded Best Overall Newspaper in 2010 from the Florida Times Union, and in 2011, also won all three places in advertising design. The Cardinal Chronicles also won ten awards in the Printing Association of Florida’s 2011 Florida Prints Awards, competing against high schools and colleges across the state of Florida. Those included the Judge’s Award, the Award of Excellence, and ten awards for graphic design.

Scholastic Journalism textbook’s 12th edition published the advertisement from Bishop Snyder’s prom issue (2011) designed by Emily Corrigan in August 2013. The caption read: “The Bishop Snyder newspaper staff uses two strong techniques to draw students to this tuxedo shop ad for the prom issue. The staff used real students as models for the tuxes, something that will most assuredly grab the reader’s attention. The inclusion of a coupon also increases the ad’s value for the reader. Some of the better newspaper staffs look for interactive ways such as these to tie the advertiser directly to the student body.”

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Photography is a skill set learned by students in yearbook and journalism. Outside contributors to these publications are welcome.