Principal's Welcome

Deacon David Yazdiya, Principal

Deacon David Yazdiya

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Bishop Snyder High School website! These pages will give you a look at why we are proud of our school. As you browse the pages of this website, I hope you will come to appreciate the challenging academics and wonderful athletics program we offer. The Fine Arts Program at Snyder is impressive and continues to grow as does our list of clubs and service opportunities.

The website shows many wonderful things happening at Bishop John Snyder High School, but that’s only a small part of who we are. More than anything, I hope visiting this site will encourage you to visit our school. When you set foot on our beautiful and spacious campus, you will see why we have become the choice of so many. The buildings and the interior of our campus have a lot to offer, but the real value exists in the people you will meet. Our teachers and staff are professional and eager to help students succeed, and our students are cordial and welcoming to new students joining our community. We are a Catholic school in all that we do, but students of all faiths are welcome and their values respected.

Bishop John Snyder High School is a special place where the values of competence, conscience, and compassion are at the core of what we believe, what we live, and what we teach. I look forward to meeting you soon.

In Christ’s Love and Peace,

Deacon David Yazdiya

%22We've got a lot of happy people here.%22  Bishop Snyder

Bishop Snyder said it best, "We've got a lot of happy people here."