Dedicated to Building
Self Determination with
Brain Based Learning Strategies

Lisa C. Moser,  BM, M. Ed, MT-BC

Mission Statement:

FOUNDATIONS at Bishop John J. Snyder High School, provides an intellectually challenging, supportive, brain based learning environment, utilizing the principles of neuroplasticity, and dedicated to fostering the development of successful personal learning strategies, intrinsic motivation, self-determination, and the integration of researched best learning practices.
Guided by the Holy Spirit the vision of Foundations is to inspire: Strong Faith, High Expectations, and Renewed Promises


  • Affords students with and without diagnosed learning problems and difficulties the opportunity to learn the organization and study skills necessary for improvement and increased success in academic undertakings
  • Coaches the use of personalized learning tools and accommodations necessary to function successfully within a college preparatory curriculum
  • Encourages students with diverse learning styles an understanding or “how to” approach to learning tasks, accommodating their individual strengths and talents, employing neuroplasticity in developing individual brain based learning strategies
  • Promotes positive learning experiences in which students may develop and master individual brain based learning strategies to further academic and interpersonal success
  • Provides college bound transitional planning services and opportunities prior to and during the college application process
  • Offers consultation services for teachers, parents, and administrators

Program Description

  • The FOUNDATIONS Director works with parents, student, and teachers in a consultative and collaborative manner in regard to the student’s strengths and difficulties within the Bishop John J. Snyder High School learning community to ensure successful academic experiences.
  • Academic strengths are emphasized and mild deficits remediated
  • Accommodations are made without modification to materials or coursework objectives
  • Regular communication with teachers and student, across the curriculum,

is made to ensure accommodations, student learning strategies, and self-advocacy skills are utilized.

  • Regular communication, informal and formal, with parents occurs when the need arises and in an ongoing manner via RenWeb/FACTS with weekly progress reports, written reports, phone calls, and incidental conferences.
  • The FOUNDATIONS Director works collaboratively with School Counseling, Dean of Academics, Dean of Students, and Campus Ministry personnel as part of the continuous evaluation of the students’ progress toward independent use of learning strategies and self-advocacy skills.
  • The FOUNDATIONS Director provides the administration with reports and/or conferences showing commitment and accountability.

Criteria for admission to FOUNDATIONS

  • Expressed intent to enroll in the program
  • Appointment for an eligibility interview with the school’s FOUNDATIONS director and school counselor
  • Documentation of need– any pertinent documentation identifying special learning difficulties or needs. This includes checklists, other reports, and a full psychological report stating a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or appropriate paper work to show a diagnosis of other emotional or health impairments. Such testing must be current
  • Academic testing within the last three years
  • IQ Test such as the WISC- IV or Stanford Binet and Achievement testing such as the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Academic Achievement and process testing such as the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities Testing
    OR the following two for the following:
    • Original IQ and achievement testing along with
    • Most recent reevaluation showing continued academic deficits and need for continued accommodations. Documentation may be in the form of a Doctor report or letter, and/or written teacher input.
  • Information concerning required medications(s)
  • Anecdotal information from previous school


Foundations Functioning Diagram
Foundations Inclusive Support Diagram
Foundations Brochure