Our Mission

The Tierney Media Center is committed to:

  • supporting and enhancing educational goals as outlined in the school’s mission and curriculum;
  • offering opportunities to use technology in creating and using information for knowledge, understanding, imagination and enjoyment;
  • supporting students in learning and practicing skills for evaluating and using information, regardless of form, format or medium, including sensitivity to the modes of communication within the community;
  • working with students, teachers, administrators and parents to achieve the mission of the school;
  • promoting reading and the technology resources and services of the Tierney Media Center.



Services and Policies

  • Tutoring is available in the media center after school. See the tutoring flyer for more information.
  • Students are responsible for all items checked out under their name.
  • All students must present a pass to use the library during lunch or a class period

Services Available:

  • All students are assigned a Google Apps account when they enter as freshmen.
    • What’s included in Google Apps?
      • Gmail gives 7.5+ Gigabytes of email storage with extra security provided by Postini. Voice and video chat are also built-in for free computer-to-computer calling.
      • Google Calendar lets you create and share school or class calendars and events.
      • Google Docs lets you create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. You can also upload any file to Google Docs and share it with others.
      • Google Classroom is a learning management system that allows students to turn in work quickly and easily as well as communicate with their instructor and classmates.
      • Click here to go to the Google Learning Center for training on any of the apps included in the suite.
    • All Students also have access to Read&Write for Google. Read&Write is a literacy suite of tools that ensures every learner has the tools necessary to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed. Tools such as Text-To-Speech, Speech Input, Spell-Check, Dictionary, Study Skills Highlighter, and much more are available to every student in this suite of tools.
The Tierney Media Center was renovated in January 2015. Perdue Office Interiors, a local firm with experience in designing collegiate learning centers, worked with us to design a collaborative learning environment to enhance learning opportunities for students and teachers.
Students may use the Tierney Media Center before an after-school for homework, group project work or as a place for relaxation and reading. The recent installation of a Multi-Media Scape offers a new collaborative opportunity for students to share information with one another through their personal learning devices.
A variety of computers and tablets are available for students to check-out while in the Media Center. The “Bring Your Own Device” technology policy at BJS gives students the freedom to use devices (laptops, iPads, Kindles, Chromebooks, etc.) or traditional books as best suits their personal learning style.