High School Placement Test

When is the HSPT®?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is administered to all rising freshmen. If your future freshman has not taken the test, it must be scheduled prior to registering. The HSPT will be administered throughout the spring. Dates are available by clicking on the registration link.  The testing fee is $25.00. On test day, students will meet in the Main Office at 7:45 a.m. for check-in.

To sign up for the High School Placement Test, you can use this link to register online - use the code Y4.

What is the HSPT®?

At Bishop John J. Snyder High School, we strive to place students in courses that find the balance between being challenged and finding success. The High School Placement Test (HSPT®) is administered to rising 9th grade students. If your rising freshman did not take this test, please call the Office of School Counseling at 904-908-8965 to schedule this test.

This test is one of several assessments used for 9th grade placement in English, math, and science. All incoming freshmen must take the HSPT before a class schedule can be completed. 

The High School Placement Test contains five multiple choice sections: Verbal, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, and Language Skills. The results of the test along with other factors determine how students are placed in their English, math and science classes as a freshman. At Snyder, we utilize this test for course placement not as an entrance exam.

Why we administer the HSPT®

Our college preparatory curriculum offers standard college preparatory courses, honors courses and Advanced Placement courses. Our honors level courses are offered across the curriculum from art to Biology II and Chemistry II. We offer AP courses in art, English, mathematics, science, Spanish, and social studies.

This commitment to student success exceeds far beyond the classroom. The ultimate goal is for students to make the most of their four years of high school, in and out of the classroom, and to help them set and reach goals that lead them to success after graduation.


Registration for the HSPT is now open. Call the Office of Admissions (904) 908-8978 or the Office of School Counseling (904) 908-8965 for upcoming dates and registration.


Bishop Snyder High School offers extended time accommodations for the HSPT® based on diagnosed need. Students with diagnosed learning difficulties are eligible for consideration and must submit their son or daughter's IEP/504 plan to Mrs. Lisa Moser three weeks prior to testing. Accommodations will be offered during the December and January test dates only. After these dates, no accommodations will be made for HSPT test takers

Please email admissions@bishopsnyder.org or fax (904) 908-8988 any psychological testing, IEP, or 504 as documentation of required need(s). For additional questions, call or email Lisa Moser (lisamoser@bishopsnyder.org), (904) 771-1029 x 5220.

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