Open House


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Trevor Walsh owns Cantwell Creative in Jacksonville, Florida and is a highly sought videographer.

Below are a few frequently Asked Questions by our guests at Open House.


1.      What are the differences between standard and honors classes? Our standard college-prep classes meet state learning standards and are taught at a level appropriate for any college-bound student. Our honors classes typically cover the same curriculum as their standard counterparts, but in more depth, with a heavier workload, and at an accelerated pace. Students in honors classes are expected to do more independent reading and preparation for class, to contribute to meaningful discussions, to meet strict deadlines, and to produce an excellent work product. Participation in honors classes enables students to make a smooth transition to college-level work.

 2.      Could you explain Advanced Placement? Advanced Placement (AP) is a College Board program through which advanced high school students may study subjects at a college level of rigor and, with qualifying scores on the end-of-course AP Exam, earn college credit while in high school.

3.      Can students advance from standard to honors classes? Absolutely. Any student in a standard course has the opportunity to meet the criteria for the subsequent honors-level course.


1.      Can a student participate in multiple sports in the same season? As high school sports become more competitive, it is recommended that students choose one sport to focus upon. However, there have been instances of students successfully participating in one or more sports but close communication with coaches is essential as well as the ability to maintain academic success. 

 2.       Do new students have an opportunity to participate in sports over the summer? Yes, many of our coaches offer summer leagues, camps and practices during the summer. It’s a great way to get involved and begin meeting new people while preparing yourself for your chosen sport.

3.      Can my student play sports their freshmen year? Absolutely! We have dozens of freshmen that play JV or Varsity sports their freshmen year.

 4.      Is there an academic requirement to play? Yes. Incoming freshmen can participate in the fall season. After that, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible. Transfer students must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA to participate in athletics.


1.      Why do freshmen take the High School Placement Test? The placement test is given to incoming freshmen to help with placement in English, math and science. We also look at grades, teacher recommendations and other standardized test scores as a package to ensure the best placement for freshmen success.

 2.      Do colleges and universities visit your school? Yes, many universities from across the country send representatives to our campus each year. Juniors and seniors are able to attend those visits during the school day.

3.      How do I know what classes to take? Rising freshmen are placed in core courses (English, math and science) based on High School Placement test scores, grades, teacher recommendations and other standardized test scores. Students are able to list preferences for physical education electives, world language and elective choices through a form we provide. We do our best to give students their top choices. Moving into sophomore, junior and senior years, school counselors meet with students one on one for course selection.


1.      Are there off-campus retreats? What do they look like? The freshman retreat is on campus all day.  The sophomore retreat is off campus nearby at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.  The junior retreat is off campus at a ropes / obstacle course.  The senior retreat is usually an overnight experience.  Our Senior Retreat is an overnight experience and is held off campus.

2.      How many service hours are required? 25 hours are required from each student each school year.

3.      Does Snyder offer opportunities to earn these hours? Campus Ministry and religion teachers post service opportunities regularly and clubs, sports teams and honor societies often do service projects together. For more information about Christian Service, please visit


1.      Does Snyder offer transportation? Yes we offer transportation from many areas of town. If you’ll visit our Parents Quicklinks on the main page of our website and choose Transportation, you can learn more.

%22We've got a lot of happy people here.%22  Bishop Snyder

Bishop Snyder said it best, "We've got a lot of happy people here."