Our alumni are important to us! Just because you walked across the stage to receive your diploma from Bishop Snyder High School doesn’t mean we can’t see each other anymore We want to stay in touch. Click here to download a a quick sign-up form so we can send you newsletters and invites to events on campus. You’re always welcome on campus.

In 2016, we graduated our 11th class and celebrated the 1,000th graduate to walk across the stage. It’s just the beginning of good things to come. Many of our alumni are still in college, others are pursuing graduate degrees and some are serving our country. Many have already launched their careers and others have started families. It’s an exciting time in your life – share it with us!

Each fall we publish the Crosier and want to feature as many alumni updates as possible. Let us know when something fun, interesting or exciting is happening in your life. From Greek affiliations, to scholastic achievements, to new jobs and life changes (weddings, babies, etc.), we’d want to know AND share the good news with your classmates. Email us your good news at shelleygudzak@bishopsnyder.org.

Come back and visit Bishop Snyder High School! Class reunions are underway and activities on campus are open to all our past students.