Christian Service

Christian Service Overview
It is the unique mission of Bishop John J. Snyder High School to guide young people in developing a Christian social consciousness and a commitment to a life of justice and peace.

All students are required to complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of Christian Service each year. The goal is to encourage students to serve the community. As disciples of Christ we are called to make this a priority in our lives.

Process for Christian Service Hours Submission

  • Process for recording hours:

    • Beginning July 1, 2020, the 2020 Record of Christian Service will be used to record hours.  

      • The 2020 Record of Christian Service forms can be obtained on the school website, in religion classrooms, or in the Office of Campus Ministry.  It must be completely filled out before submission.  Incomplete forms will be returned to students.  

      • The original Record of Christian Service form may be used in this transition time period.

  • Where to submit hours:

    • Service hours submitted from June 1st until the first day of school each year are to be submitted to Campus Ministry.  

    • Service hours submitted between the first day of school and the last day of school are to be submitted to the individual student's religion teacher.

  • Deadlines for submitting hours:

    • Each school year the time frame for performing Christian Service will be June 1 through the last day of the third quarter.     

    • Hours earned during the fourth quarter will be applied to the current academic year  

    • Service hours completed over the summer will count for the following school year and must be submitted by the day after the Labor Day holiday each year.

    • Students may submit a Service Hours Extension Request Form if hours are to be completed after the summer deadline or the third-quarter deadline.

    • Late hours may not be accepted.

Guidelines for Christian Service Hours

  • When seeking service opportunities, students are encouraged to begin with their own parish or Church communities. Additionally, students may earn service hours at non-profit (501 C-3) organizations or agencies whose mission and values do not contradict Catholic values.

  • Christian service hours may only be recorded for non-paid service hours outside of school hours. 

  • Service hours performed for family members or extended family members is praiseworthy, but will not be accepted for credit.

  • Any service provided for a family owned-and-operated business is indeed praiseworthy but does not meet the criteria for Christian Service.

  • Service and organizations where service is completed must be in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Some organizations and foundations, though non-profit, will not be accepted due to their support of anti-life agendas or other causes which are contrary to our Catholic beliefs and values.  Examples (not a complete list): Susan B. Komen Foundation, March of Dimes, Planned Parenthood.

  • The number of items in a collection of donations does not translate to hours. Students will receive credit for actual hours served.

  • Information on upcoming service projects can be found through the Office of Campus Ministry and religion classes

  • Projects or activities that do not meet the listed criteria, either in whole or in part, should not be assumed to fulfill the school requirement.

  •  When in doubt about the suitability of a service opportunity, and in order to prevent unnecessary misinterpretations or frustrations, students are encouraged to FIRST review the Pre-Approved Service Opportunity List provided.

Consequences for Failure to Complete Service Requirement:

Timely completion of the Christian Service Hours deadlines is a serious obligation and integral part of the requirements for graduation.

  • Loss of opportunity for senior exam exemption or other privileges

  • Caps and gowns will not be issued until requirement is satisfied

  • Grade of INCOMPLETE in religion until requirement is satisfied


  • Loss of privileges such as field trips

  • Grade of INCOMPLETE in Religion until requirement is satisfied


The Snyder St. Vincent de Paul Society is very active in serving the community.

One of the most popular service projects is PBJ Ministry for St. Francis Soup Kitchen

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