Clubs and Organizations


ACADEMIC WORLDQUEST- -Mr. Stanley and Mr. Sanford

Purpose: To organize teams for competition at the local Academic Worldquest November 1 at UNF, with a chance to compete in the national competition in Washington DC in the spring.

“Academic WorldQuest is a Flagship Program of the World Affairs Council network. It is a team game testing competitors’ knowledge of international affairs, geography, history and culture. There are currently more than 40 local competitions held around the country and the winners of these local competitions are invited to compete in the National Academic WorldQuest  held in Washington, D.C. each spring.”

Meetings – TBD



Purpose: To build community through playing board and card games.

Activities: Playing and discussing board and card games 

Meetings: TBD




  •         To showcase students’ artistic capabilities,
  •         Build self-presentation skills
  •         To build confidence in self expression
  •         Problem solving and perseverance
  •         Promote higher academic achievement  through participation in the arts

 Activities: Produce and perform in the Spring musical

 Meetings:   TBD


CATHOLIC HEART WORKCAMP 2020 – Mr. Jackson and Ms. Pichardo

Purpose:  To serve and grow closer to others and Christ

Activities:  Mission Trip in the Summer – Open to Freshmen through Juniors



The Columbian Exchange refers to a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds.  Exchanges of plants, animals, diseases and technology transformed European and Native American ways of life. Beginning after Columbus’ discovery in 1492, the exchange lasted throughout the years of expansion and discovery.  The Columbian Exchange impacted the social and cultural makeup of both sides of the Atlantic. Advancements in agricultural production, evolution of warfare, increased mortality rates and education are a few examples of the effect of the Columbian Exchange on both Europeans and Native Americans.

Purpose:  This project is suggested as a means to instill ownership in the student’s learning experience. In the construction and maintenance of the garden, students will employ cross-curricular skills such as mathematics, chemistry, history, and world culture. Foods produced will be used by our cafeteria and/or donated accordingly.

Activities:  Members of the Garden Club will help maintain, plant, and harvest what we grow.

Meetings: Usually every other Wednesday morning in Mr. Sanford’s room, 805.


DISC GOLF CLUB – Mr. Mull and Mr. Jackson 

Purpose:  to build play and discuss disc golf

Activities:  play and learn about disc golf

Meetings: TBD


DRAMA CLUB – Mrs. Kemmer 

Purpose:  To entertain ourselves and the masses!

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, 3-4PM, room 714



Purpose: To learn about other cultures, see historical sites and have fun traveling.

Activities:  Traveling to France in 2020

Meetings:  TBA


“LIGHT OF FAITH” BAND  – Ms. Barta, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Luman, Mr. Mattson, Ms. Pichardo, Mr. Sanford

Purpose:  to plan Masses; to praise God with our voices and musical talents

Activities:  Play for Masses

Meetings:  Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:15 am in the cafeteria


MAKERS CLUB – Mrs. Kerns and Mrs. Torres

Purpose: to encourage self-sufficiency, artistic expression and fellowship through the
                creation of art pieces and craft projects
Activities: “makin’ ALL the things!”  (details to be announced)
Meetings:  1st Monday of the Month (when the 1st Monday is a holiday, club will meet the following Monday)
MORNING STAR MENTORS -Ms. Pichardo and Mrs. Schmehl

Purpose:  to mentor students from Morning Star High School Activities:  Photograph school events

Activities:  spend time with them at at school events such as retreats, pep rallies and other visits.




Purpose:  to photograph school events or write articles about school events

Activities:  Photograph school events

Also looking for student reporters who could write about these events

Meetings:  TBA – Please email Ms. A at if you are interested.


PING PONG CLUB – Dr. Giddens

Purpose:   to play ping pong

Activities:  weekly ping pong; If enough interest, ongoing round-robin tournament

Meetings:   Mondays, 2:50 pm, room 712


PRONIÑO:   Pro-Child – Sra. Valdés

Purpose:   to raise funds for charitable causes that support children

Activities:   pancake breakfasts; end-of-the-year celebration

Meetings:   Thursdays, 3:15 pm, Room 711


RED AND GOLD CLUB – Coach Osbeck and Ms. Pichardo

Purpose:   Promote and Show school spirit!

Activities:  Plan themed nights for athletic events; promote and show up for school events such as athletics and Fine Arts nights; help with Snyder alumni relations

Meetings:  as needed – stay tuned


RESPECT LIFE CLUB –  Mr. Mull, Ms. Pichardo and Ms. Schirra


  • for all to participate in Respect Life Ministry – supporting the dignity of each human person from conception until natural death
  • for 10th through 12th graders to attend a pilgrimage to DC to peacefully and prayerfully protest the legalization of abortion


  • Attend Respect Life Conference in St. Augustine
  • 10th – 12th:  Travel to DC for the March for Life (Wednesday, January 20th through Sat, January 23rd) 
  • For details on the March for Life trip, check out the Minutes from the Respect Life Club Meeting



ROSARY CLUB  – Ms. Pichardo

Purpose:   to pray the rosary

Activities:  leading the Rosary at least one morning a week in the Chapel

Meetings:  TBD depending on member availability


SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY – Mrs. Cook and Ms. Pichardo 

Purpose: service club

Activities:  Service projects benefit such organizations as the St. Francis Soup Kitchen (PBJ making), St. Vincent de Paul Society, Angel Tree, Elder Community, Special Olympics, and others!

Meetings: Every other Thursday morning at 7:25AM in room 204


STUDENT AMBASSADORS – Mrs. Gudzak (Admissions Office)

Purpose:  To promote Snyder to prospective students and their families.

Activities:  Snyder 101, Open House, Shadow Days and 8th Grade Visits


Get involved at Snyder. Make high school the best four years of your life by being active and involved!