Good communication between our faculty, administration and the parents and guardians of our students is critical to a successful high school experience for everyone. So that we may effectively communicate with you, please contact us if your mailing or email address changes. We also need to know if your cell number changes.

Each Sunday, we email “This Week at Snyder” to the inboxes of our parents and guardians. If you are not receiving this publication, please contact us to verify that we have your email address or check your inbox permissions to allow access. It is important that you read this email to stay current on any changes to our calendar.

On this website you will find a variety of resources that we hope will answer many of your questions. In this section, you may refer to the current Handbook for codes of conduct, behavior standards and other rules and guidelines which have been established. You will also find forms needed by your student from parking to athletics to Christian Service. Is there something we’ve missed? If so, let us know what additional information would be helpful.

You may also wish to follow us on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to stay up-to-date on student activities and last-minute news.

It is our sincere intent to make you and your student’s experience at Snyder one of the most positive times of their life. If we can be of further service, please contact us at (904)771-1029. We are delighted you have chosen Bishop John J. Snyder High School for your student.


The Diocese of Saint Augustine takes seriously any incidences of abuse. Please see our flyer on reporting abuse or reporting educator misconduct. The Diocese of Saint Augustine also maintains a website on reporting abuse.
Gracie Hejmanowski, 2017 Cardinal Award recipient.

The Cardinal Award is the most prestigious award given to underclassmen. Grace Hejmanowski earned this honor in her junior year.