The best way to make your experience at Snyder a time you will remember has a lot to do with what you put into the four years. If you come to school, go to classes and go home without joining in extra-curricular activities, you’re missing out on a big part of your high school experience.

There are a myriad of activities and something for everyone. From clubs and service organizations to the fine arts (music and drama) to athletics, there is an opportunity to find your niche and have a great time with other teens who share your interests. So what are you doing here? Go out there and have some fun!

Leonard’s  provides professional photography service to students at Bishop John J. Snyder High School. Candid photos are taken throughout the year at various events. If you would like to browse their photo gallery, please click here.

Leonard’s phone number is (904) 829-6541 should you wish to utilize their professional photography services.

Make the most of high school by participating and attending extra-curricular events.