To receive technical support at Bishop Snyder, you may find Mrs. Rachel Fierro or Mr. Curtis McIntire in their office directly off the media center, room 520, by the printing station at the front of the media center There is a also a sign up sheet on the printing station where you can leave your name if you need your password reset for either your Snyder on-campus login or your Google login.

Another way to receive technical support is by submitting a help ticket at the Bishop Snyder Help Ticket System webpage. Click on Sign Up? to create an account and begin submitting help tickets. Please use your email address when you sign up.

Here are a few frequently asked questions on campus:

How do I use campus Wi-Fi on my device?

To use campus Wi-Fi on your device, you will need to turn on wireless on the device and join the students network. Once you have joined the students network, your device may prompt you to sign in – if so, follow the prompts and enter your Snyder campus login username (bjsxxxxx – this number is also found on your ID card) and password. If your device doesn’t prompt you to sign in, just open the web browser on your device and attempt to open the website – you will be forwarded on to the login page for the wireless network.

Note: If you see a message indicating that the connection is not secured, just click continue anyway.

How do I print on campus?

In the media center, there is a desk in the center of the room with printing stations available to print. You may also print with your own device by using Google Cloud Print services and your BJS google login ( is the username).

You must first login to chrome on your device, or you may use one of the suggested apps from google. All students may print to the printer available in the media center. Other printers may be available depending on your class schedule.